What Are Your Payment Policies?

Payment Policies

Our general compensation structure is shown below. Note that there may be other opportunities for subcontracted work that may have a slightly different pay scale or schedule. Compensation for these projects will be agreed upon by both EditBIOMED and the editor prior to beginning the project. Payments will be made by check at the end of each month.

Editing Fees

 Level of Service

Editor Wages

 Standard Editing $0.0375 per word
 Premium Editing  $0.04 per word

 Premium Plus Editing: Initial Premium edit 1

+ Secondary review by senior editor 2

 $0.04 per word 1

$0.015 per word 2

 Rush Fees

 7 Days to 6 days Included
 4 Days to 3 days  $0.008 per word
 2 Days to 1 day $0.016 per word

How do I become an editor?

All of EditBIOMED editors are required to have an advanced degree in a scientific or clinical field and to pass a scientific editing test. After filling out our online application, you will be asked to edit a short sample document using the procedures described in our Editor Guidelines. Upon successful completion of the editing test, you will be asked to sign a contract prior to being listed as an editor for EditBIOMED.

How are projects assigned?

All of our editors are considered independent contractors, and projects are assigned based on editor expertise and availability.

Will I receive feedback?

You will receive feedback from a senior editor on your first 2-3 documents and as needed thereafter.

When will I receive payment?

You will invoice EditBIOMED at the end of each month. Checks will be sent by mail to US editors. Paypal or other types of electronic payments can also be arranged on a case-by-case basis.