In addition to providing exceptional scientific editing services for our clients, one of our goals at EditBIOMED is to retain the best editors by making our company a great place to work. To accomplish this goal, we return a higher percentage of our editing fees back to the editors compared to our competitors. Our rates are calculated on a per word basis and are substantially above the industry average. To help you manage your workload, we provide an integrated availability calendar so that you can control when you receive new projects. You control when you work, where you work, and how much you work.



Our editors are highly trained scientists who have a love of clear communication, a firm understanding of English grammar, and an eye for detail. An advanced scientific or clinical degree is required.


All EditBIOMED editors are required to pass a scientific editing test. After filling out our online application, you will be asked to edit a short sample document using the procedures described in our Editor Guidelines. Upon successful completion of the editing test, you will be asked to sign a contract prior to being listed as an editor for EditBIOMED. All of our editors are considered independent contractors, and projects are assigned based on editor expertise and availability.

As an editor, you are responsible for updating your availability in our online calendar system. You will be notified of new projects by email, and you are expected to return each completed project by the assigned due date. New editors will receive feedback from management on their first few projects.