EditBIOMED provides high quality scientific editing services for biomedical and clinical scientists. We correct the English with an eye for the science to help you clearly communicate your results. We specialize in helping international scientists prepare their manuscripts for publication in English language journals.

We offer:

  • Correction of English grammar, sentence structure, and style
  • Improved clarity and organization
  • Journal-specific formatting
  • Complete confidentiality
  • No risk free trial *

Submit your abstract today for a trial of our editing services at no charge

*250 words or less


Your manuscript will be edited by one or more of our highly trained editors using the ‘Track Changes’ function in Microsoft Word. In this way, you can see each and every change made by the editor and have the option to accept or reject those changes at your discretion. Our editors use the ‘Comment’ function to ask for clarification or make suggestions as needed. In addition to the edited version of the manuscript, you will also receive a ‘clean’ version of the manuscript with all changes accepted that is ready for submission.

We guarantee on-time delivery of a publication-ready manuscript.

If you are not completely satisfied with our editing services, we will re-edit your document at no charge.


Upload your manuscript as a Microsoft Word document using our simple form and answer a few simple questions about the project, including your preferred deadline and level of service.


We will confirm receipt of your project and will assign your manuscript to the most qualified editor based on subject area and availability.


You will receive a copy of your manuscript with all changes tracked for your approval.


Upon completion of your manuscript, we will send an invoice for payment. All payments must be received within 14 days after receipt of the invoice. Payments can be made via credit card, check, or purchase order.


Our editors are all highly trained scientists with advanced degrees in science or medicine. Each editor has passed a stringent scientific editing test in order to join our team. With a love of clear communication, a firm understanding of English grammar, and an eye for detail, our editors will help you polish your manuscript for publication.


We know that confidentiality is of the utmost importance to scientists. To protect your work, we abide by the highest standards of confidentiality. We protect your work and your payment information on a secure server, and each of our editors is required to sign a non-disclosure agreement as a part of our contract. We are also happy to sign your organization’s confidentiality or non-disclosure agreement.