We specialize in editing biomedical manuscripts, grants, and other scientific documents for non-native English-speaking scientists. Our editors are highly trained scientists with advanced degrees in a wide variety of biological and clinical disciplines, including medicine, biochemistry, cell biology, neuroscience, cancer biology, and developmental biology, to name a few. With a thorough understanding of science and a sharp eye for English, we have the expertise to help you clearly communicate your ideas and results!

Science is beautiful. Scientific writing should be.


Located in the southeastern United States, EditBIOMED was founded to connect international scientists with highly trained scientific editors to help these scientists publish their research in English language journals. Our editors are highly trained scientists and clinicians who have passed a stringent scientific editing test.

We are enthusiastic about communicating biomedical science through clear, concise English.


Grammatical errors and unclear text can obscure even the most elegant science, making it difficult to publish your work. Thousands of manuscripts are rejected each year due to the quality of the writing, not the science. A professional scientific editor understands the unique nature of scientific publishing. Each of our carefully selected editors is an English language expert who has passed a difficult scientific editing test.

Our editors polish the text of your manuscript so that reviewers will focus on your results, not your writing.


At EditBIOMED, we provide quality editing services from highly trained scientists at an affordable price. We guarantee on-time delivery of a publication-ready* manuscript. If you are not completely satisfied with our editing services, we will re-edit your document at no charge.

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*Because many factors are involved in scientific peer review, we cannot guarantee acceptance of your manuscript. However, if you submit your edited (and unaltered) manuscript, and peer review results in comments regarding issues with the English language, we offer a re-edit at no charge.